The American Institute of Architects

A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

Leadership AIA is designed for licensed architects on established career tracks who want to gain the skills necessary to advance to higher levels within the architectural profession. Leadership AIA supports participants with programming that addresses professional advancement, firm development, and community outreach.

Program Requirements

  • Candidates must be a licensed architect and an AIA member of AIA Oklahoma.
  • Tuition is $700
  • Up to 12 participants will be selected with a minimum of 9 participants.
  • Selected participants are expected to attend all scheduled sessions and complete all homework. The opening session on March 3 is mandatory. Participants can miss one class and still graduate but are encouraged to attend all classes. 

Application Deadline: Friday, February 3rd!



Alison Acker, AIA - CWA Group

Sara Andrews, AIA- GH2 Architects

Clay Dobbins, AIA - TAP Architecture

Brian Hunter, AIA - Fitzsimmons Architects

Brad Jacobs, AIA - W Design

Mark Kasulis, AIA - MA+ Architecture

Zack Long, AIA - Spur Design

Audrey Merz, AIA - FSB Architects & Engineers

Jon Pontious, AIA - Selser Schaefer Architects

Elizabeth Robertson, AIA - HFG Architects

Katie Vondrasek, AIA - Dewberry

Christopher Wilkins, AIA - KKT Architects


Brandon Hackett, AIA - KKT Architects

Kendra Isaak, AIA - FSB Architects & Engineers

Meenakshi Krishnasany, AIA - W Design

Trisha Murray 

Erika Omae, Assoc. AIA - Spur Design

Darshan Patel, AIA - fresharkitektur, LLC

Sandra Perkins - TAP Architecture

Austin Richards, Assoc. AIA - SGA Architects

Zack Woods, AIA - Gardner


Peter Barlow, AIA - Miller Architects

Kristin Fasking, AIA - Fitzsimmons Architects

Marcia Gallant, AIA - MA+ Architecture

Clark Todd Gollotte, AIA - GH2 Architects

Austin Horton, AIA - Miller Architects

Scott Oglesby, AIA - FSB Architects & Engineers

Angela Sexton, AIA - KKT Architects

Nicole Shay, AIA - GH2 Architects


Kevin Bundy

Amber Conwell

Lisa Kelly, AIA - Beck Design

Jordan Maxwell, AIA - Bailey Austin Design

Justin Mitchell, AIA -  MA+ Architecture

Chris Nuttle, AIA

Keith Robertson, AIA - Keith D. Robertson Architects

Reese Scarborough

Steve Sprague, AIA - Guernsey

Tyler Wallace, AIA - GH2 Architects


Molly Allen, AIA - GH2 Architects

Cory Baitz, AIA

David Brewer, AIA - DAB Architecture

Rob Brown

Mark Gandy, AIA - Integrated Architecture

Beth Glasgow, AIA - SDG Architects

Bethany Husmann, AIA - Jones Design Studio

Bethany Jackson, AIA - Spur Design

Catherine Montgomery, AIA - Preservation and Design Studio

David Reed, AIA - Reed Architecture & Interiors

Bruce Stone